Blocked Sprinklers Are Cause For Alarm! P4032-I

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Help Keep Your Workplace In The Clear

Emergency equipment must always be easily available and working properly when it is needed.

Your workplace likely is protected by a sprinkler system designed to be activated in case of a fire. It should have been installed properly and it should be checked and maintained regularly. Those responsibilities probably belong to someone else in your company, but here’s how you can help make sure the sprinkler system works: Keep it clear. Do not stack or store materials near the sprinkler heads. Observe the designated clearance space so the sprinkler can do its job.

Incorrect storage can block sprinkler heads and it can also make it impossible for emergency personnel and equipment to get at a fire. Observe the required aisle widths when stacking materials so a fire crew or medics with a stretcher can get through in a hurry.

Never block an emergency exit, even temporarily. People must be able to get out quickly in case of a fire or other emergency.

Keep other emergency equipment in the clear, too. If you ever see anyone using a fire extinguisher for a coat hanger, make sure it doesn’t happen again. Break-glass alarms, fire hoses, hydrants, first-aid supplies and other emergency items must be easily accessible all the time.

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