5 Posters that Prevent the Spread of Colds, Flu, and COVID-19

The dropping temperatures, changing leaves, and shorter days can only mean one thing—it’s time for cold and flu season. A real bummer, dude. This year presents an even more unique challenge because, oh yeah, we’re also dealing with a global pandemic. Fortunately for you, we offer safety posters that are as specific as charts identifying the symptoms of COVID-19 vs. the flu vs. the common cold vs. allergies (that’s a mouthful) and as broad as prevention tactics that cover all four (wash your GD hands). 

Keep gross germs out of your office and keep employees in the office with these five types of cold, flu, and COVID-19 posters. 

Handwashing handholding  

Office managers have had to channel their inner kindergarten teacher and always remind employees and guests to wash their hands after every cough, sneeze, and touch. It saves lives, so we’re on board. We have no shortage of handwashing signs to help you prevent the spread of the cold, flu, and COVID.  

Signs about the signs of cold, flu, COVID 

Because we’re in the midst of cold and flu season, allergy season, and a global pandemic, it can be hard to tell if a little cough or sniffle is harmless or should trigger a four-alarm lockdown. It also makes it tricky for employees to know when to stay home. Help them navigate the signs and symptoms of each illness with one of these posters.  

Prevent the cold and flu with cold and flu prevention signs  

The good news is that the spread of the cold, flu, and COVID is preventable. The bad news is, you’re responsible for the prevention efforts. Communicate best practices and prevention protocols for the cold, flu, and COVID with some of our favorite posters. 

 Socialize social distancing  

If we had to guess which phrase is trending the most in 2020, we’d put our money on “social distancing.” It’s a phrase you see and hear everywhere you go—or don’t go—but it bears repeating, especially in your workplace. Keep employees apart like you’re a nun at a school dance with these social distancing signs.  

Get the 411, so you don’t have to call 911  

There are days when it feels like the information about COVID is changing hourly, which can be frustrating—especially if you’re trying to run a business. Update your communications and posters regularly to make sure your employees and guest are safe and feel safe. Because these days, seeing someone’s nose and mouth is about as scary as seeing Freddy Krueger. 


Need more inspiration? View all cold and flu or COVID-19 posters and buy your favorites in a few clicks. Then wash your hands.