5 reasons you need a Safety Poster subscription

Did you know that Safety Poster offers a subscription service where we select new safety posters each month and send them to your office? It’s true. And it’s going to change your life.* Essentially, you’ll set up a subscription and preferences, and each month, our safety experts will select a set of posters based on safety trends they’re seeing (and your pre-selected preferences). They’ll then send those posters straight to your office, so all you have to do is hang them. 

If you’re already convinced a Safety Poster subscription is right for you (and why wouldn’t you be?), sign up now . If you still need some convincing, keep reading. Here are 5 reasons you need a Safety Poster subscription. 


  1. Your posters will be more effective 

Three out of four safety professionals say that changing safety posters more often increases their effectiveness. That’s because it eliminates poster fatigue. When your employees see the same poster day in, and day out, they become numb to its message. But when you hang a dope new poster with a flashy new design, it will catch their eye and cause them to give it a read. Even if the message is similar, it will feel new to them. 


  1. You’ll get peace of mind

Safety standards are always changing, and new issues can arise at any time. That means that if your posters aren’t up to date, you could be violating OSHA rules and other federal or state laws. Not great. But with a Safety Poster subscription, our experts make sure your posters follow current standards and address the most important safety issues of the day. Plus, by getting new posters every month, there’s no reason to hang that poster you bought back in 1994. 


  1. You’ll save time

You know that switching up your posters each month will make them more effective, but you don’t have the time to browse through thousands of posters each month to find new ideas. And sometimes you get busy and forget to do it. We get it, and that’s why we created this subscription. We take care of the posters, so you have time to work on other priorities. 


  1. You’ll save on costs

Perhaps the best reason to sign up for a subscription is the cost savings. With any of our subscriptions, you’ll save 50% on the individual poster price. So if you like discounts, the subscription is for you. 


  1. You can customize your subscription 

Our standard subscription packages include four posters sent to your office every month or every other month, but if you need more posters or want to change the frequency, we can create a custom package for you. We can also customize the types of posters you receive because we know that every business has different needs. If you’re managing an office, you probably don’t need posters about handling hazardous materials. And if you’re working in construction, you probably don’t need posters about correctly stack boxes in a warehouse. Just saying. 


Convinced? Great! View pricing and set up your Safety Poster subscription to get time back in your day and money in your budget. 


*So, a Safety Poster subscription probably won’t change your life per se, but it will make your job a little easier.