7 Reasons Why You Need to Laminate Your Safety Posters

When you order a poster from Safety Poster, you have a few options. You can order a standard poster with no special finish (boring), you can have it framed, you can turn it into an adhesive wall graphic, or you can get it laminated. (You can also have it framed and laminated if you’re super nervous about it getting destroyed.)  

Laminating your posters is essentially a cost-effective way to ensure your posters last longer and look better. If you want the specifics on what lamination can do for your posters, keep reading.  

Make it splatter- and spill-resistant  

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of laminating your poster is that it becomes resistant to spills, splatters, and stains. Should you get oil, grease, or any liquid on the poster, you can simply wipe it down and it’s as good as new. So throw your coffee on it or hose it down—your message will still be there. 

Brighten your message 

Did you know that lamination actually brightens the color of the ink on the poster? It’s true. So by laminating your poster, you’ll wind up with a more vibrant and attention-grabbing poster. Pretty cool.  

Protect against marks and abrasions 

Whether your poster gets attacked by a forklift, hit with a tool flying through the air, or is subject to your aggressive finger pointing after someone blatantly ignored your sign, lamination will ensure your message remains clear. Fingerprints and smudges will wipe off and the paper won’t rip when hit with a wrench. And unlike a framed poster, it won’t fall to the floor and shatter, leaving broken glass all over your production floor. 

Upgrade the “frat house look 

Your workplace isn’t a dorm room, so you probably shouldn’t fill it with posters taped to the wall. Professionalize your poster—and your workspace—by laminating your posters. Not only will the poster last much longer but lamination creates a stiff non-wrinkled look that says you’re serious about safety. It also shows your employees that this safety message isn’t something you slapped together at the last minuteeven though you did. 

Avoid tears and tears 

We all have bad days and lamination protects your posters from employees who rage-tear your poster in half and those who cry over its beauty. It also prevents that all-too-familiar scenario when someone trips, reaches out to regain their balance and tears half your poster off the wall. No? Just something that happens on TV? Well never mind. 

Take it outside 

If your message needs to live in the great outdoors, it needs protection from rain, dew, dust, dirt, snow, wind, and all the other elements. We’re sorry, but an unlaminated poster just doesn’t stand a chance. Lamination provides that protection for short-term useIt won’t survive forever, but it will last through your festival or 5K.  

Save a bunch of money 

Because lamination increases the longevity of your posters, it means you won’t have to buy them as often, which saves you a lot of money long-term. That being said, we really prefer to take your money, so…you know what…skip the lamination. You don’t need it.  

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