Don’t Let Stress Get the Best of You the Season!

The holidays bring many exciting events this time of year. Family traditions and fun-eventful activities fill up your calendar…but stress can linger in and steal the fun.

Maybe you’re getting ready for the annual Christmas party at work, or overwhelmed by your end-of-year deadlines, stress isn’t uncommon this time of year. The holidays can be demanding for many reasons and can cause anxiety as you try to get everything done on time.

The American Institute of Stress (AIS) said studies show the majority of stress for American adults is due to job stress. Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the workers, per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

This holiday season educates your employees about the effect of added pressures of the seasons. Part of becoming aware is listening to your employees and watching out for signs of stress, such as declines in productivity, quality, teamwork, and morale – and even injuries or near misses.

Start by posting motivational posters throughout your facility and informing your workers about these four stress-reducing tips:

1)    Recognize you’re only human! The laundry list of things you want to do – are they the same as the things you need to do? Probably not. Make lists of what your priorities are – start small – and recognize the fact that if you can’t get it all done, that’s ok. Try to get the most important tasks completed and if you need help, ask.
2)    Be realistic. Job stress is increased when the requirement of the job does not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the workers. Excessive workloads plus challenging demands equal an overwhelmed employee. You’re not superman or superwomen. Take on one task at a time and be realistic with your expectations. Sometimes this requires a change in your thought process. Per the CDC, if you have a relaxed and positive outlook, you can reduce the effects of stress.
3)    Balance, balance, balance. Life is all about balancing roles, demands, work, and family. That’s why it’s important to get support from your friends and coworkers. Talk about what’s stressing you out with the people close to help you to combat stress. Finding a balance between work, family, and your personal life will help you be present at the moment.
4)    Focus on what you can change.  An organizational change might’ve created Job insecurity and lack of opportunity for growth, advancement, or promotion can make stress appear like a common rotation in your life. Stop focusing on the things you can’t change - shift your energy to what you can change. A shift in your perspective will help you appreciate your successes and learn from your shortcomings.

You can eliminate stress with a change in your perspective and by surrounding yourself with positive people.

CDC suggests, as an employer, you can prevent job stress by:

  1. Improve communications to reduce uncertainty.
  2. Provide opportunities for social interaction among workers.
  3. Establish work schedules that are compatible with demands and responsibilities outside the job.

Together, you and your employees can combat stress and have a fun-filled holiday season!
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