What’s new at Safety Poster in November? 

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It’s that time again—new posters are dropping at Safety Poster. We added new COVID-19, general safety, accident prevention and office safety posters, and vertical banners and meeting kits. With several size and material options, there are 78 new SKUs on our site. So check them out and order your flashy new posters today—or be boring and keep the signs you purchased back in 1994. 

Upgrade your visual aids with our new meeting kits  

As Michael Scott, from the hit TV show The Office, learned the hard way, safety presentations can significantly benefit from visual aids. Our meeting kits include posters, meeting outlines, table tents, and quiz cards with cohesive language and design elements, making it easy for your supervisor to host a safety meeting without resorting to Scott’s bounce house, watermelons, and trampolines.   

 Help prevent a second wave with new COVID-19 signage 

As we head into fall and face a potential second wave of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to keep your prevention messaging front and center. Make sure employees and guests remain six feet apart, wash their hands, and wear a mask like it’s the hot new accessory they can’t be seen without (because they literally can’t be seen without it). Check out our new COVID-19 signage, including a unique vertical banner. 

Highlight important office and general safety issues  

Not all safety issues involve forklifts, heavy machinery, and lasers…but, come on, how cool would it be to work with lasers? Safety issues can pop up anywhere from your hotel lobby to your open-floor office. Ensure your employees stay safe and keep an eye out for each other with these modern and vibrant safety posters. 

Reinforce safety protocols with accident prevention posters 

Suppose you’re responsible for safety in the workplace. In that case, you know that one of your most important jobs is to prevent accidents from happening—especially accidents caused by employees not following your safety protocols. You can’t be on the floor 24/7, keeping everyone in check, but you can hang signs that do the talking for you. So explore our new talking signs! Okay, okay, they don’t speak, but they will communicate your message. 

Has it been a while since you upgraded your safety posters? These products may be new in November, but with tons of new products launching each month, there are plenty of posters that will be new to you. Explore all safety posters to find the perfect match for your workplace needs.