What’s new at Safety Poster in October?

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Let’s give it up for everyone’s favorite thing—new stuff. On October 1, we added 157 new SKUs to our website—yes, 157. And these are the posters everyone’s going to be talking about. (Ok, let’s be honest, only safety directors will be talking about them, but still.) Whether you’re a tad behind on ordering your safety posters or you’re just sick of looking at the same old signage, these are the hot new posters that are sure to make your ex-posters jealous.

Spread the word about not spreading germs with COVID-19 posters 

These days, it seems like everyone’s talking about COVID-19 24/7. And how can you not when you’re washing your hands like fiends, wearing masks every time you step outside, and keeping your distance like everyone around you has cooties? Messages about COVID-19 are floating around almost as much as the virus itself, so the best way to get your news across is to switch it up and keep it fresh. Check out these new COVID-19 posters.

Take things in a new direction with horizontal banners. 

Your standard vertical posters are so “been-there-done-that.” Not to mention, vertical banners simply don’t fit in every space. Change things up and find the signage that best fits your area with our new horizontal banners collection.

Crush your safety presentation with new meeting kits

You’re sweating your upcoming safety presentation, but we’ve got your back. Our meeting kits include themed posters, outlines, table tents, and quiz cards, so you’ll have everything you need to dominate your meeting. Whether you want to make them laugh with a Simpson’s themed presentation or tug at their heartstrings with something more serious, our new meeting kits have you covered. The only thing missing is the snacks. Please don’t be the guy who hosts a meeting without snacks.

Give your job site a facelift with new safety posters and poster packs.

Your crew just called, and they said they’re ready for some new safety posters. There’s nothing worse than walking by the same poster every day for months on end, so do your crew a favor and get some new signage. Peruse our new general safety postersconstruction safety posters, and poster packs to find fresh ways to tell people to stay safe.

Dislike shiny, new things? That’s fine. You can check out our old posters too. As long as your team is safe, we’re happy.