Safety Poster - A Tidy Work Environment Is A Safety Requirement -

A Tidy Work Environment Is A Safety Requirement - Safety Poster

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A Tidy Work Environment Is A Safety Requirement

Keeping the area neat and clean reduces the chances of injury, and results in a more pleasant and comfortable place to work. Nobody is suggesting you need to polish the furniture and set out vases of freshly cut flowers, but you should keep the clutter and scrap cleaned up.

Good housekeeping at work helps prevent:

  • Crowded conditions which can cause falls and other injury incidents.
  • Fire involving accumulations of combustible and flammable materials.
  • Illnesses spread by insects, rodents and other biological agents.
  • Electrical shock, cuts and other injuries related to defective equipment.

A quick once-over with the shop vacuum as you finish a task can save you a major job of removing dust from the rafters at a later date. Filing your work orders while you still remember what they are about goes quicker than sorting a desk piled with papers a month later.

Workplace Safety Posters:

This top quality workplace safety poster features professional design and layout, is printed on a high quality photo paper and is proven to be very effective for delivering safety messages in various workplace environments and locations.‚  Posters like this one play an integral part in creating a safe workplace environment through delivery of "inescapable" messaging.

This workplace safety poster has been developed to communicate safe work habits and features:

  • Professional design and editing
  • High-quality printing and finishing options
  • Full color format
  • Fast, convenient shipping from our North American distribution centers
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back


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