Custom Adhesive Wall Graphics
Custom Adhesive Wall Graphics
Custom Adhesive Wall Graphics
Custom Adhesive Wall Graphics
Custom Adhesive Wall Graphics
Custom Adhesive Wall Graphics

Custom Adhesive Wall Graphics

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Wall Graphics Overview

If you are looking for a way to communicate and reinforce safety in the workplace, but want a more customized, dynamic solution than banners or posters can offer, then wall-wrap graphics may be the perfect solution for you. Wall-wrap graphics use a peel-and-stick installation method with a low-tack or high-tack adhesive to secure your graphic in place. These graphics are available in two styles, standard and heavy-duty, depending on application type. It is also important to note that the selected mounting surface should be cleaned and dried completely to ensure maximum adhesion. For rougher surfaces, the material should be heated and finished with a roller or squeegee (tools sold separately).

Standard-Duty Wall Graphics

  • Simple peel-and-stick installation type
  • Ideal for indoor applications and adheres to most interior wall surfaces; perfect solution for smooth or textured dry-wall application
  • Once applied, the graphic is repositionable with no damage to the wall surface
  • Nonlaminated vinyl material is designed for short-term use
  • Can be cut into any size or shape depending on your needs (some common sizes include 48" x 28" and 96" x 28")

Heavy-Duty Wall Graphics

  • Material is both water-resistant and laminated for outdoor applications
  • Easily conforms to rough textured surfaces such as concrete, brick, and mortar and is therefore ideal for outdoor applications or interior walls with the aforementioned surface types
  • Expected exterior life is up to 7 years under normal conditions with a surface temperature range of -40°F to 176°F
  • Graphic is initially repositionable with little or no surface damage
  • Heavy-Duty is NOT recommended for dry-wall applications as repositioning or removing the graphic after fully adhering it will most likely take down the first layer of dry-wall as well
  • Can be cut into any size or shape depending on your needs

Custom Wall-Wrap Options

We can customize your wall-wrap graphics with company logos, employee photos, slogans, names, or just about any graphic you can imagine. If you like one of our poster or banner designs (Simpsons poster for example), but would rather have it converted to a wall-wrap, we can absolutely do that for you. There are some stock size options available with the same dimensions of our posters/banners for easy conversions, but adhesive wall graphics can be sized to fit virtually any interior and most exterior walls you can imagine.
If you would like to convert a poster or banner on our website to a wall graphic size other than 17" x 22", simply choose the size and style option above and include the poster/banner part number in the order notes field when you place the order. All posters have a SKU for a Standard-Duty 17" x 22" Adhesive Wall Graphic option.  If you are interested in ordering a customized wall graphic, contact us at 1-800-980-4080 or email at Just let us know the specific graphics, text, and dimensions of your wall graphic and we will provide you with a quote as soon as we can. 

Custom Size Price Examples:

Style Size  Price 
Standard 22" x 29"  $           32.99
Standard 26" x 33"  $           37.99
Standard 30" x 39"  $           43.99
Standard 48" x 28"  $           45.99
Standard 34" x 44"  $           49.99
Standard 28" x 74"  $           55.99
Standard 96" x 28"  $           71.99
Standard 96" x 48"  $         124.99
Standard 96" x 96"  $         248.99
Heavy-Duty 22" x 29"  $           44.99
Heavy-Duty 26" x 33"  $           61.99
Heavy-Duty 30" x 39"  $           78.99
Heavy-Duty 48" x 28"  $           84.99
Heavy-Duty 34" x 44"  $           99.99
Heavy-Duty 28" x 74"  $         131.99
Heavy-Duty 96" x 28"  $         169.99
Heavy-Duty 96" x 48"  $         291.99
Heavy-Duty 96" x 96"  $         583.99

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