Pride In Safety (Canada) - Reinforcement Bundle (Style C)

Pride in Safety (Canada) - Safety Reinforcement Bundle (Style C)

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Safety Reinforcement Bundles

Safety Reinforcement Bundles are a new bundle option from Safety Poster that present your favorite safety messages across multiple unique product types. With these bundles, you can get a three or four piece combination of the following items: poster, banner, adhesive floor sign, adhesive wall graphic, and Digi-Day® 3 (in select bundles) with the same or similar safety message at a discount price (10-15% from purchasing same products individually in all cases). If you love the idea of promoting one focused safety theme across multiple mediums, or if you have yet to try our new product types such as banners, wall graphics, and floor signs, then these bundles are the ideal choice for you.

Currently, there are three different product bundles available so each bundle will fall under one of these categories. The first bundle (Style A) includes one each of the following: poster, banner, floor sign, and Digi-Day® 3. The second bundle (Style B) replaces the floor sign with a wall graphic and includes one each of the following: poster, banner, wall graphic, and Digi-Day® 3. The third bundle is our cheapest deal and includes one each of the following (Style C): poster, banner, and floor sign. The specifics for each bundle are included below.

Pride in Safety (Canada) (Style C) Bundle Includes:

  • 17" x 22" nonlaminated poster - Pride in Safety! Our Goal, No Accidents (Canada) (SP124923)
  • 74" x 28" vinyl banner 13oz. - Pride in Safety! Our Goal, No Accidents (Canada) (SP124919SS)
  • 20" x 14" circular non-slip floor sign, 0.027" adhesive vinyl - Pride in Safety! (Canada) (SP124985)


Poster Snap Frames -

Poster Snap Frames


Poster Snap Frames are your best option if you have to change your signs on a regular basis. The spring loaded hinged profiles let you snap open the frame, insert your art, and then snap the frame closed, all without having to take the frame off of the wall. A UV cover and hard back panel help protect your art from dust and damage.

Made of anodized aluminum, our black Snap Frame has a 1 inch profile and a smooth satin finish that prevents rust and does not fade. It can be hung in portrait or landscape orientation with the included wall screws and anchors.



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