Robert Stevenson's Complete Success Challenge - Visual Edge Sign (Clouds)
Robert Stevenson's Complete Success Challenge - Visual Edge Sign (Clouds)
Robert Stevenson's Complete Success Challenge - Visual Edge Sign (Clouds)
Robert Stevenson's Complete Success Challenge - Visual Edge Sign (Clouds)

Robert Stevenson's Complete Success Challenge - Visual Edge Sign (Clouds)

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The Success Challenge

The Success Challenge is a 20 quote program designed to motivate, impact, and ultimately change the lives of those who participate--coworkers, employees, friends, schoolmates, etc. The author of The Success Challenge, Robert Stevenson (see below), wrote these short and simple, yet inspirational quotes in order to challenge you to stand out, to become a better person--to become a successful person. 

The idea behind this program is to examine one quote daily and challenge yourself to abide by it. Each subsequent month, you rotate the quote for a new one and so on until these challenges become habits. Safety Poster has the privilege of offering the complete Success Challenge on one captivating visual edge sign (details below). Instead of rotating individual quotes on a regular basis, the entire Success Challenge is displayed together allowing for a seamless transition from one quote to the next. These signs are perfect for any office space or high traffic area as they are aesthetically attractive, durable, and affordable.

Robert Stevenson Overview

With over 30 years of extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Robert Stevenson is one of the most renowned and sought after speakers in the world today. He has owned five companies and sold internationally in over 20 countries; additionally, he has interviewed over 10,000 employees in various positions up to CEO level in over 250 industries. Not only is Robert a world class speaker in over 16 countries, he is also a best-selling author with four books concentrating on areas of both personal and business success. Stevenson's books introduce strategies, techniques, and ideas to help drive you towards a more successful future. 

Visual Edge Sign Specifications

  • Constructed from standard, durable 0.040" aluminum with a UV protective coating to protect the printed graphic from fading in outdoor exposure
  • Four edges are 1" deep (standard) bent 90° from the face to create the visual edge effect
  • Four right-angled brackets are installed in each corner with a heavy-duty adhesive for increased structural strength against flex-bends
  • Stock option is 11" x 17" in dimension, but we will provide a quote if you prefer a different size
  • Two mounting brackets are installed on the back of a visual edge sign enabling it to be easily hung from two wall nails or screws (not included)


Poster Snap Frames -

Poster Snap Frames


Poster Snap Frames are your best option if you have to change your signs on a regular basis. The spring loaded hinged profiles let you snap open the frame, insert your art, and then snap the frame closed, all without having to take the frame off of the wall. A UV cover and hard back panel help protect your art from dust and damage.

Made of anodized aluminum, our black Snap Frame has a 1 inch profile and a smooth satin finish that prevents rust and does not fade. It can be hung in portrait or landscape orientation with the included wall screws and anchors.



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