Safety Is The Priority Quality Standard - Visual Edge Sign

Safety is the Priority, Quality is the Standard - Visual Edge Sign

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Visual Edge Signs

Visual Edge Signs are frameless graphic displays designed to reinforce safety through slogans, mission statements, company values, and much more. The term "visual edge" refers to the background graphic wrapping around all four edges of the sign creating a 1" or 2" pop-out effect. This stunning visual edge design attracts attention and can be viewed from more angles than traditional signs, posters, and banners. Due to the durable nature of visual edge signs, they are ideal for long-term, permanent integration where posters and even banners cannot last. Therefore, it is advantageous to display abiding company values, safety slogans, and mission statements on a visual edge sign rather than temporary safety precautions or tips.

Stock visual edge signs combine specific perpetual safety messages from our banners and/or posters with the durability of 0.040" aluminum to create a permanent visual reminder of your company's safety values and standards. If our stock messages do not meet your needs, feel free to check out our custom visual edge page or give us a call at 1-800-980-4080 for more information.


  • Constructed from standard, durable 0.040" aluminum with a UV protective coating to protect the printed graphic from fading in outdoor exposure
  • Four edges are 1" or 2" deep (standard) bent 90° from the face to create the visual edge effect
  • Four right-angled brackets are installed in each corner with a heavy-duty adhesive for increased structural strength against flex-bends
  • Stock options are 17" x 22" in dimension to match our posters, but we will provide a quote if you prefer a different size
  • Two mounting brackets are installed on the back of a visual edge sign enabling it to be easily hung from two nails or screws

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