Safety Meeting Kit - You Have The Right To Know

Safety Meeting Kit - You Have The Right To Know

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Employee Safety Cards and Quizzes

Chemical Hazard Communication Employee Safety Cards match the poster theme of the month, and contain summary information to match your Safety Meeting Outline. The Chemical Hazard Communication Scratch Off Quizzes ensure everyone was paying attention. Like a lottery ticket, they create excitement in the safety meeting. When handed back in, they provide a record of who attended the session.

Employee Safety Card Size: 4 Pages Folded to 3.5"x5"
Scratch off Quiz Card Size: 3.5"x5"

Wall Posters

Place Chemical Hazard Communication‚ Wall Posters at strategic points in your facility to publicize the theme of the month in a short visual message. 11"x17" Safety Bulletin Posters go into more detail, offering valuable safety tips. We also have Frames available for all sizes.

Traditional Graphic Poster Sizes: 15"x20" and 11"x17"
Simpson Poster Sizes: 17"x22" and 11"x17"

Table Tents

Place Chemical Hazard Communication‚ ‚ table tents in your lunch room and break rooms so your employees can read the safety message on their own time. One of the panels has the repeated topic graphic, and the other 2 sides have supporting text and images.

Size: 8" in height

Safety Meeting Outlines

Safety Chemical Hazard Communication‚ ‚ Meeting Outlines contain a complete guideline for your supervisors to run a productive and motivating meeting-step by step. There is space provided for you to customize and add your own notes. It will help you keep your meeting on schedule and on topic.

Size: 4 pages folded to 8.5" x 11"

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