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Don't Dream And Drive - Safety Poster

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Safe Driving: A Nap Can Be a Life or Death Matter

You've just left the family gathering, and you must be at work the next morning. The only problem is that your bed is six hours' drive away.

Halfway through the trip you grab a coffee. By the 200 mile mark you realize how tired you are. You turn up the radio and roll down your car window to gulp some fresh air.

So tired, and 90 miles to go. You give yourself three sharp cheek slaps. Now your cheek hurts, but you aren't any more alert.

Suddenly you feel a rough sensation in the steering wheel and hear a loud vibration. Your car has drifted onto a rumble strip on the edge of the road while you have drifted into a micro-sleep.

Frightened, you pull over in a safe area and do what you should have done two hours ago: take a nap.

Workplace Safety Posters:

This top quality workplace safety poster features professional design and layout, is printed on a high quality photo paper and is proven to be very effective for delivering safety messages in various workplace environments and locations.‚  Posters like this one play an integral part in creating a safe workplace environment through delivery of "inescapable" messaging.

This workplace safety poster has been developed to communicate safe work habits and features:

  • Professional design and editing
  • High-quality printing and finishing options
  • Large, full color format
  • Fast, convenient shipping from our North American distribution centers
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

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