Safety Poster - Never Over-Reach Or Twist! -

Never Over-Reach Or Twist! - Safety Poster

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Lightweight Lifting Can Hurt Back, Too

It's easy to understand how you could get a back injury from trying to lift a piano or a buffalo - but less obvious efforts also can cause painful and disabling back injuries.

When you lift or carry an object close to your body, your legs support much of the weight. However, when you lean over to pick up or set down an item, more of the load is transferred to your spinal column, muscles and the connective tissues of your back. They can only handle so much and if they are over-taxed, something has to give way. The result of over-reaching and twisting can be stretches and tears in the soft tissue.

Such a back injury can occur suddenly, but it is more likely to be caused by repeated stresses to the back over a period of time. Using safe lifting techniques and other back care practices can help prevent these injuries.

Don't take a wrong turn and cause a back injury. Avoid over-reaching and twisting.

Workplace Safety Posters:

This top quality workplace safety poster features professional design and layout, is printed on a high quality photo paper and is proven to be very effective for delivering safety messages in various workplace environments and locations.‚  Posters like this one play an integral part in creating a safe workplace environment through delivery of "inescapable" messaging.

This workplace safety poster has been developed to communicate safe work habits and features:

  • Professional design and editing
  • High-quality printing and finishing options
  • Large, full color format
  • Fast, convenient shipping from our North American distribution centers
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

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